The Fearless Entrepreneur

There’s a universal characteristic of entrepreneurs…their willingness to live with the fear of failure.  They are not afraid of being wrong.  They toss out excuses and begin accepting 100% responsibility for everything.  Because deep down, they know that they are the only ones who can make themselves happy, rich, famous or whatever they aspire to be.
Want to see marketing at its best?  Search for a new start up.  Chances are you’ll easily find one that re-engineered a business to do what the competition won’t do.  It’s aggressive.  It violates the industry norm.  It rejects the idea of limited choices and creatively makes decisions. 

In business, nothing stands still for long.  So how have you initiated innovation?  What have you done differently? How did you take one idea from one area and play it in another?

Draw on your inner courage to help you manage risk and innovate.  If problems erupt, you will persevere and learn from your failures.  Stay strong and cherish small victories. Recognize your limits and ignore criticism.  Immunity to criticism is a secret shared by all highly successful entrepreneurs. 

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