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Our marketing team works with you to create a strategic road map for your business brand.  These steps include:

  • Business Consulting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
The foundation of good content writing is adequate research to ensure that all the information is accurate, current, and doesn’t contradict the company’s message, mission, goal, or objective.

Our content writers write fresh and original content with your 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When our content writers put together a piece for a website, blog, or newsletter, they also ensure the piece is nicely formatted and properly displayed on the screen.

Good content needs to be optimized for specific keywords to increase search engine rankings and bring more visitors to your site.  We understand the value of a great headline and appropriate keywords to be most effective.

 To effectively improve search engine optimization, a writer tries to identify with the client’s customers and the people who are searching for things in their space.  Our technical writers develop strategies to create content which raises awareness across the internet. 
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  1. Learn about client's products and services.
  2. Research on and off page keywords relevant to potential customers.
  3. Use selection to create fresh content relevant to brand.
  4. Provide copyrighting content highlighting products and services.


The internet is the first tool consumers research when inquiring about a business. Strategy & Consulting is critical to companies who want to represent themselves accurately.  At IVO, we research your audience, give your brand a voice, build your brand through multiple channels, plan your social media integration, and build up your reputation both online and offline.

Our team approaches web design from all angles, creating comprehensive websites that facilitate branding online. From logos, to incorporating your brand’s look across all internet platforms, IVO can help you build a marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers and keep them coming back.  
infographics.jpgWriting a how-to article requires identifying a problem and listing a process to come up with a solution.  This form of content writing is mostly used in blogs and on social media platforms.  Diagrams, pictures, slideshows and videos can all help enhance how-to blogs, articles, and guides.

Infographics have recently become the new favored type of marketing a product or service to customers.   An infographic is the presentation of information or material in a visual format, info + graphic = infographic.  These popular forms of content sharing are three times more likely to be shared across social media platforms.


To embrace the power of the web and the blog world requires a different kind of thinking.  A blog helps put a face on a company and humanizes its relationship with its viewers.  Your brand needs to be insightful when connecting with people.  It needs to deliver authentic content, understand your audience by telling them stories that are relevant to their problems.

Every time you write, you have an opportunity to convince.  It’s important to remember you are what you publish.  A blog will help you build credibility, foster relationships with your customers, increase website traffic, and boost your search engine rankings.  

No time to blog?  Let our content writing team work with you to create insightful and informative posts for your business. 


Content Writing

Content writers send your voice out to the world.  Our team can provide you with relevant content for your website or internet marketing needs.  We want you to succeed because your success is also our success. 

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When doing the content writing for you we consider several elements.

IVO writes content for:

  • Content Creation
  • Technical Writing
  • Opinion Writing
  • How-To Content
  • Blogs



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