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The website, social media accounts and labels all tell the same story…Drink Dos Equis Beer, and you might just become the most interesting man in the world, surrounded by beautiful young women and living a dream lifestyle.

Every day, countless shoppers across the country choose Dos Equis, never having tasted it, instead of a more familiar brand.  Why would that be?  For most first time buyers, the story of Johnathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays the most interesting man in the world, is too enticing to pass up. It reminds them that like him, they too can be rich in stories and experiences, just like they hope to be in the future.

No matter what industry, entrepreneurs must differentiate themselves to battle with the big boys.  One of the smartest ways to represent yourself is to have unique content that is consistent across all channels.  If you’re selling a product where quality is a matter of taste, it’s possible that a fictional background story will work.  If you’re selling a service, honesty and authenticity are important.

Written December 2015




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