Small Budget Marketing Secret

Whether you’re an established million-dollar business or a new start-up, e-mail marketing is the most economical way to keep in touch with your customers.  It effectively retains website visitors who have expressed interest in your products or services.

subscribe.jpgRealistically speaking, acquiring new customers is one of the most difficult ventures any business can face.  For this reason, retaining potential customers you’ve already converted should be your number one priority, and email is your solution.

The easiest and cheapest way to collect email addresses is to simply add a ‘user input form’ on your website landing page.  This encourages visitors to email you their email addresses in hopes of receiving something in return down the road.  The list is then organized into a database you can use to manage your audience, such as names, phone numbers, etc…

Now that you have your customer list, it’s time to send out your marketing communications through an email newsletter.  It can include your business news, product launches, promotions, upcoming events, sales, new services, and a host of other announcements you would like to share with your audience.  It’s also important to remember adding a link for the user to unsubscribe to the newsletter and avoid your business being accused of spamming.

Ask IVO about detailed reporting on your mailings, their click through rates, and importing/exporting subscriber databases.  Staying in touch with your customers via email is a required skill in the modern world of online marketing, and the best part is it’s cheap.

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