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The internet was always intended to be a place where anyone in the world can create and share something online. Somewhere along the way, we lost that.

It became a read-only experience for the average user, who is left to passively browse and navigate the web. At any time a user decided to manage his/her content, he/she had to go through vast training to learn how to make changes. 

IVO, Inc. changes all that.

We have reached an age where having a website for your business is an absolute essential, no matter what you’re selling or what services you provide.  Chances are many of your customers will first learn about your business by visiting your website. Therefore, it is critical to make a positive, lasting impression which will encourage your potential customer to stay and navigate or return later.

At IVO, we partner with our clients to maximize the return on their investment from their website.  In doing so, we have created user friendly features within our software interface.  Our content management system (CMS) interface is easier than working on a Facebook post.  There is no need to hire a professional to maintain your website.  After we provide you the necessary training, simply follow the prompts to modify any content.

IVO offers a wide variety of programming and website design services.  We would be happy to share with you our ideas and help you achieve your goals. Request a free estimate to see how we can help you. 

We know how busy running a business can be.  We offer custom built maintenance packages that allow us to handle your website updates, and lets you focus on running your business.  Depending on the maintenance plan we create for you, our team will take care of your website content on a weekly or monthly basis. We also offer customer support for those unexpected times when things need to be changed very fast.
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SEO drives traffic to your website by achieving rankings in search engine results for your industry.  Whether you are building a new website or have an existing one, you will have the capability to create or change the keywords you have on individual website pages.  

SEO.jpgGetting traffic to your website is vitally important for the success of your business.  Currently the best way to drive traffic is to get your web pages ranking highly on search engine results pages, like Google or Bing.  To achieve this, you need to include targeted keywords within your website pages, so that people can find your site through search engines when they are looking for relevant information.

The search engine checks its database to look for all the relevant pages online that include the words that you searched for, and displays the results that best match what you are looking for.  Once those keywords are within your web pages, then people will be able to find your page easier when searching on Google or Bing.  Now you are optimizing (improving) your search engine ranking.

Create a beautiful online store without the limitation of time and geographical distance. At IVO, we will custom create a storefront branded design for your website and put you in control of your online inventory and website.  Manage your e-commerce website by promoting sale specials, tracking inventory and orders, managing orders and shipping charges.  Get a reliable and secure shopping cart with real time payment and shipping options.  

e-commerce.jpgUnlike most e-commerce website builders, IVO does not charge a commission, royalty fee or monthly fee for sales through your business website.  

Clients tend to choose IVO for custom e-commerce websites to address specific business goals such as:

  • Simplified shopping cart and checkout
  • Product discounts and coupons
  • B2B and B2C features like pricing and customer accounts
  • Organized product catalog listings
  • Product search capabilities
  • Custom branded web design
  • Add/delete product inventory anytime from anywhere
  • Custom information to display on product detail page


When you choose IVO to build your website, we create your very own Content Management System, specifically customized to fit your business needs when managing your website.  This allows you to publish, edit, modify, organize or delete content at any time you wish, without the help of a webmaster. Our easy-to-use system allows you to manage your site’s content and delivery, and helps save you time and money in the long run.  Our CMS is easier than working on a Facebook post.

Content Management System Website (YOU are in CONTROL)
  • Owner manages the content that needs to be displayed on the website.
  • Ability to change menus / sub-menus / sections and sub-sections.
  • Adding / removing services / sub services.
  • Updating inventory, items for sale pictures, description, and prices.
  • Save / Manage and track all submitted inquiries on the website.
  • Add / delete users with roles and privileges to manage sections of your website.



Experience Drag & Drop Publishing on the Web

IVO software builds upon familiar, intuitive behaviors and applies them to the web publishing experience.

It's as simple as opening a new page and dragging from a variety of pre-designed templates to add images and content.

Save by clicking a button and watch your custom creation go live.

Make Changes in a Matter of Seconds

IVO offers the fastest way to edit your website content.

The easy-to-use edit-in-place tool allows you to edit, modify, organize or delete content from the website in a simple manner.

IVO's Platform can be set up to allow authority for different users to access individual pages for content management, thereby spreading the workload and keeping the website current.

Effectively Manage Customer Relationships

IVO's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to collect, store and manage contact information like

  • clients
  • employees,
  • alumni, parents, etc... 

You will be able to create and pull specific groups for personalized email campaigns, billing, mailing lists, and store email archives.


Although you are free to choose any web hosting provider to host your website on, we will recommend reliable ones that offer competitive prices. The hosting providers we work with offer a state of the art web hosting facility and powerfully fast web hosting connectivity and security. You will have the ability to access your site from anywhere, anytime to make changes. If you need help registering a new domain name, click on Start a Project and submit.  A support member will be in touch with you soon.



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